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» Ancanar In-Depth: Ralph Lister

A thorough interview with Ralph on the Ancanar website, discussing his character Finlomë, and his approach to acting.


New: » Click Here for an in-depth review of The Trial by NoHo>LA (Mar 30-Apr 12, 2004)

» The Deep Blue Sea, by Sir Terrence Rattigan, Whitmore-Lindley Theatre, N. Hollywood, director Richard A. Steel:

"Freddie (Ralph Lister), a handsome former RAF pilot undone by drink, sparkles as a self-indulgent cad with a conscience .... his soul-baring scene with buddy Jackie (Doug Purdy) serves as a needed beacon of authenticity."
- L.A. Weekly, Oct 6, 2000

» Driving Rain, by Matt Johnson, Write Act Repertory Company, director Wendy Gough:

The play is set "at a misbegotten roadside motel with a creepy, Norman Bates like manager (Ralph Lister) .... Lister oozes sickness and slime like a running sore."
- Tolucan Times, Nov 26, 2003

"Ralph Lister is hilariously unsettling as the innkeeper" (NoHo L.A., Nov 27, 2003).
"Two women find themselves at the mercy of an oh-so-creepy motel clerk (Ralph Lister)"
- Backstage West, Dec 10, 2003

» Loudspeakers, by Matthew Swaye, Write Act Repertory Company, director John Lant:

"... we're confronted by a seemingly deranged madman (Ralph Lister), who roars a gruesome religious tale at us over a megaphone."
- Backstage West, Dec 10, 2003

Film & Theatre Websites:

» : official site to the independent fantasy film.
» : official site to the LA-based theatre company.

Fan Sites:

» Yahoo! Ancanar Group : fan community site for the feature film Ancanar and the character of Finlomë.

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