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November 9, 2008

Archival News Items Now Available » posted by Webmaster

In order to provide Ralph's fans with the most complete information on his life, times and career moves we've implemented a News Archives section. As new items are added to the News section the oldest items automatically move to the Archives section.

June 10, 2006

Ralph in The Ore » posted by Webmaster

Ralph Lister can be next seen in the sci-fi film The Ore, scheduled to play in various festivals and events this year. Check out the film's website here with teasers, interviews and podcasts in abundance!

December 16, 2005

New Theatrical Reels! » posted by Webmaster

Brand new Theatrical and Comedic reels have been added to the video gallery. They include many new scenes and projects from Ralph's resume, including Dogg's Hamlet, Triage, and Ex Curia. Click the links above to view!

April 8, 2005

New Ancanar Trailer » posted by Webmaster

The official Ancanar website has launched a special trailer, showcasing some of the scenes currently in development. You can catch some glimpses of Ralph in Elven battle mode, so check it out!

View quicktime trailer here.

March 23, 2005

New Clips & Stills! » posted by Webmaster

Big update today: four new video clips have been added, along with six new stills in the gallery. See Ralph as a cocky bartender, dedicated doctor, conflicted husband, airheaded copilot, smarmy car dealership owner, and millionaire playboy!

March 22, 2005

Headhunter Trailer Online » posted by Webmaster

The official trailer to the horror film Headhunter is now online, featuring quick (and disturbing!) glimpses of Ralph Lister.

Click here to view.

December 11, 2004

Teshuva Publicity Still » posted by Webmaster

A brand new publicity still has been added to the Gallery, from the play Teshuva (currently running). Ralph will visit the site soon to post an update of the play's extended dates.

August 23, 2004

Headshots Added » posted by Webmaster

Five new colour headshots have been added to the Gallery.

May 25, 2004

Busy times... » posted by Ralph

I don't suppose anyone has got anywhere without working hard, and this continues to be as true for me as for anyone. The Trial's original scheduled run in Los Angeles came to a glorious end after the Saturday performance on May 1, 2004. Due to its deserved critical success, the producer immediately set to extend the show. For my part, I was already in rehearsal for a dark political satire The Body that was itself scheduled to open the week after The Trial's scheduled close. I suggested they hire an understudy and continue the run immediately, but both director and producer felt that to do so would reduce the overall quality of the show, and this was something they were unwilling to permit. I have never had such a compliment. The Trial therefore extends in June for a further 3 weeks just as soon as The Body closes.

Unbelievably it has already been three weeks since we began the run of The Body. Amongst its cast are some notable heavyweight actors: Emmy-winner Susan Clark, Royal Shakespeare Company member and film actor Michael O'Hagen, and Jason Hildebrandt from Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down. We are having an amazing time performing a US premiere of a work that has acute contemporary relevance, despite the fact that British writer Nick Darke created the play some 20 years ago.

We have wowed the public and - much to our intense pleasure - have irritated both a Republican senator and a Republican congressman who sat, shriveled with embarrassment, as war policies which the current administration is following were ridiculed and satirized in such humorous surroundings.

My role is Kenneth, a "plain farmer", whose farm backs onto the nearby US airforce base. For one reason or another, Kenneth replaces one of the US Marines who has died of boredom guarding the nuclear silos against sheep. Yes, that would be boredom. Much mayhem and ludicrous activity ensues with the assorted villagers, all of whom are delicious characters and played with such skill by our wonderful ensemble. (If you don’t believe me, read the reviews by the LA Times, the LA Weekly, and the actor’s weekly paper Backstage West, which have all applauded the production.)

All the while there is biting social and political commentary thrown in at every opportunity. You wouldn't know it from what I write here, but the play is hilarious - right up to the final scene, when the great tragedy of the situation is revealed, leaving audience members in tears. We have had many standing ovations. We’re performing at the venerable Matrix Theatre in West Hollywood, where cast photographs of Joe Pantoliano, Ian McShane, Tyne Daley, Paul Michael Glaser and many others adorn the hallways - all actors who have performed on the same stage. I feel I am in very honored company. The play is also benefiting a hugely worthy cause – the Dome Village Homeless Shelter in downtown Los Angeles. All proceeds from the play – actor wages included – are going to this worthwhile and necessary charity.

As if this wasn’t enough, I have also worked three films - the new Ashton Kutcher picture A Lot Like Love, the new Kate Hudson movie The Skeleton Key, and a short film by young Italian director Massimo Amici. In addition, I have lent my time and skills to two film and television thesis students at local university UCLA, performing scenes from their self-penned projects which were taped for television. Did I say I was keeping busy? Now you can see why these postings are few and far between. I will endeavor to try harder – but make no promises. Be well - Ralph

May 13, 2004

TolCon Weekend » posted by Webmaster

TolCon is a fantasy/sci-fi convention this weekend in Seattle, WA. There will be a wide variety of programming at TolCon, including a special screening of Ancanar footage, featuring Ralph Lister as the Elven Captain Finlome. Free posters will be given away, some autographed by the cast & crew.

Visit the Tolcon official site for more information.


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